Gmina Wyznaniowa Żydowska w Krakowie

  • Daily prayer - Shacharit
    Weekdays - 8:30
    Saturdays and holidays - 9:00
  • Jewish Club at Miodowa 27 Street
  • Opening hours of the Kupa synagogue for visitors
    Sunday - Friday: 10-18
The Remuh Synagogue
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The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland has granted funds for Remuh and Tempel synagogues


The Jewish Community in Krakow was granted funds by the Ministry of Culture and National Heritage of Poland to carry out two projects in Krakow Synagogues - the Remuh and Tempel. The Remuh Synagogue gained 250?000 PLN for construction and conservation works. The construction works are carried out in the gothic basement which is located under the main hall and was discovered few years ago. The works include also the construction of a staircase to the basement and the roof above it. Thanks to that the basement will be open to public use. Moreover, the oldest polychromy layer, which is probably dated from 17th century, is being restored. The Ministry of Culture and National Heritage also granted 300?000 PLN to construction works in the Tempel Synagogue. These works are vital for stabilization of foundations of the synagogue which are embedded in different levels. Because of these unequal settlements of foundations cracking appeared in walls. Therefore, injection piles are formed to stabilize and strengthen foundations.



We wish to inform that services during the Sukkot (Wednesday evening, Thursday and Friday) will be held in the Kupa Synagogue on the Miodowa 27 Street.

Jewish Studying in Kupa Synagogue
Lessons, lectures and learning the biblical Hebrew language for beginners


The Jewish Community of Krakow welcomes all who wish to get to know Torah, learn to read in Hebrew, translate the original text of Torah and get to know The Bible from the Jewish perspective for weekly classes in Kupa Synagogue on 27 Miodowa Street.

New Year - Rosh Hashanah 5774



On behalf of the Jewish Community of Krakow we wish You happy and sweet New Year 5773, may You be inscribed in the Book of Life for a good year.
President of the Board of the
Jewish Community of Krakow
Tadeusz Jakubowicz?
The Services on Rosh Hashanah and Yom Kippur will be held in the Remuh Synagogue!?